Foods rich in zinc



Foods rich in zinc

Foods rich in zinc

 Zinc is an essential and essential mineral for the human body, but what foods are rich in zinc and what is its role?

Zinc is an important mineral for good health, and its deficiency can cause various health problems

 Zinc is an important mineral for good health, and its deficiency can cause various health problems.

  Foods rich in zinc

 This means that it is necessary to include foods rich in zinc in your diet, which are:


 Meat is an excellent source of zinc, and one of the most important is red meat.

 As every 100 grams of ground meat contains 4.8 mg of zinc, which is equivalent to 43% of the recommended daily serving of this mineral.

 Besides, meat is a food rich in other nutrients necessary for the body, such as protein, iron and vitamin B group.

 However, it is important to eat unprocessed meats and stay away from processed ones, so that your diet is balanced and includes other food groups.

 Legumes 2- 

 Legumes of all kinds are rich in zinc, as 100 grams of cooked lentils contain 12% of the recommended daily ration of zinc.

 It should be noted that legumes also contain a substance called phytate, which deepens the absorption of zinc in the body, so your body will not benefit much from it.

 This means that plant sources of zinc are less efficient or absorbed into the body compared to animal sources.


 Eating nuts boosts the levels of zinc in the human body due to its high levels.

 Cashew nuts are one of the best sources of zinc, as 28 grams of it contains 14% of the recommended daily allowance of zinc.

 In addition, nuts are high in nutritional values ​​such as healthy fats, dietary fiber, and some vitamins and minerals.


 Eggs contain a moderate amount of the mineral zinc, as one large egg contains approximately 5% of the recommended daily ration.

 Eggs have many health benefits, due to the minerals, vitamins and healthy fats they contain, but it must be eaten in moderation.

 5- Dark chocolate

 Did you know that every 100 grams of dark chocolate contains 3.3 mg of zinc, which is roughly 30% of the daily ration?

 Unfortunately, chocolate is very high in calories, as 100 grams of it contains nearly 600 calories, so it is not considered the best source of zinc.

 6- Dairy products

 Dairy products contain many important nutritional values ​​essential for human health, among them zinc.

 It is worth noting that the zinc contained in these products is absorbed into the body very effectively, unlike plant products.

 The importance of zinc

 Zinc is essential for the human body, as it is involved in the work of around 300 enzymes, and it is important for some vital processes as well.

 Zinc helps in the metabolism of various nutrients, maintains a healthy immune system, and the process of cell growth and repair of damaged ones.

 The body does not store zinc, so it is necessary to consume it from its natural sources, in order to obtain its daily ration.

 The daily ration for zinc is as follows:

 For men: 11 mg daily

 Women: 8 mg daily

 Pregnant women: 11 mg daily

 Breastfeeding: 12 mg daily.

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