What will happen if you do not eat sugar for 8 weeks?



What will happen if you do not eat sugar for 8 weeks?

 What will happen if you do not eat sugar for 8 weeks?

 Well, someone has abstained from sugar for 8 months ... yes months, not weeks !!

 So what happened ...

 He was accustomed to eating a lot of sugars in addition to being obese and not exercising ... in addition to a cold at least once a month.

 Now let's see the results ...

 The first week: It was, of course, the most difficult week in this task ... She had a strong desire to taste sugar, in addition to suffering from headache and nausea ... which are symptoms of withdrawal from addiction ... Yes, I was not mistaken ... addiction!

 The second week: Things improved, he enjoyed eating without sugar ... The desire to eat sugar became much less

 Fourth and fifth weeks: He no longer wanted to eat the week and used to eat cheese and butter instead

 From the fourth week to the eighth: although it was difficult to refuse the sweets offered by relatives ... but he was determined not to eat sugar, especially since he had no longer originally desire to eat sugar

 And now let's see some important results and observations after the eighth week ...

 He did not catch a cold for 6 weeks in a row, although he was used to cold once a month and continued for 3 to 4 days, and in the last two months he had a cold, but he recovered completely within a day !!

 In addition, he lost some weight and his mood improved

 Now ... do I recommend quitting sugar?

 Of course ... but you have to take into account your diet in addition to that you should not quit sugar altogether .. even the person who did the experiment was eating some sugars, but a small amount for the needs of his body only

 I think it's worth a try

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