Tips for choosing healthy food for the child .. Stay away from industrial juices



Tips for choosing healthy food for the child .. Stay away from industrial juices

 Dairy products that are high in calcium should be introduced to the child daily.

 Nutrition experts advise the need to pay attention to the health of our children by providing healthy, balanced food that contains the nutrients that the children's body needs, helps them grow and protects them from diseases.

 Below we learn the most important tips for choosing healthy food for the child, and the most important types of healthy food for the child.

 Tips for choosing healthy food for the child

 1. Variety between foods

 It is important to provide food to the child in a variety of ways, as long as it is healthy foods that contain important nutrients.

 That is why you should diversify between vegetables and fruits, and avoid foods that contain saturated and trans fats, which may lead to obesity and affect their health in the future.

 2. Prevent fast food

 You should stay away from providing fast foods to children, including fried foods, which contain a lot of fats and do not contain nutrients that benefit the child's body, and replace them with healthy foods that you can cook yourself.

 3. Stay away from soft drinks

 It is necessary to stay away from soft drinks and industrial juices and replace them with natural juices from fresh fruits, and this is because soft drinks cause many health problems such as osteoporosis and others.

 4. Not to excessive salt and sugar

 You should reduce foods that contain high levels of sugar and salt, which affect the child negatively, as sugar may cause the child to become obese and tooth decay, and also salt causes kidney problems, and this is why you must balance eating foods that contain salt and sugar.

 The most important types of healthy food for the child:

 1. Dairy products

 Dairy products such as yogurt, milk, and cheese should be introduced to the child daily, which are high in calcium and protein, which helps children grow and strengthen their bones.

 2. Water

 It is very important to make sure that the child drinks water, which prevents dehydration, in addition to drinking water helps the body systems function normally, and contributes to the prevention of many diseases that children may be exposed to.

 3. Fruits and vegetables

 You should provide fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis to the child to get the best vitamins, minerals and fiber that the child's body needs, and it is possible to offer fruits in the form of juice without sugar or sweetened with a teaspoon of honey.

 4. Chicken and meat

 You have to offer chicken and meat to the children, which contain the necessary protein for the child, and if the child does not like to eat meat, it can be presented in different forms that the child loves, such as kofta or pies stuffed with minced meat, as well as chicken also has many ways that children love.

 5. Whole grains

 You should replace white bread with brown bread that contains whole grains, which provide the child's body with energy and help him grow, as they contain the necessary vitamins and minerals, in addition to healthy fibers that maintain the health of the heart and digestive system.

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