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takeout food

 It is nice to share with family and friends eating outside the home and choosing what types of delicious dishes you like, but you must be careful when eating outside the home, as eating outside is often associated with weight gain and a negative impact on the health of the heart and body.

It is nice to share with family and friends eating outside the home and choosing what types of delicious dishes you like, but you must be careful when eating outside the home

 But this does not mean that it is not possible to eat outside the home, some steps will help you to eat outside in a more healthy way, such as drinking water or eating something healthy, such as: fruit shortly before going to the restaurant, it will help reduce eating there, and it will also reduce the feeling  Hungry until I get to the restaurant.

 Eating leisurely, savoring every morsel and enjoying it, and stopping eating when feeling full will help reduce eating, as some restaurants are larger than the portion the body needs, so it is better to eat half of it or share it with friends or family, and it is possible to ask the waiter  Put leftover food in a box to eat later or share with others later.  It is best to reduce all the appetizers before the main meal, such as bread, side dishes, and high-calorie drinks.

 And start eating low-calorie foods, such as salads, that increase the feeling of fullness;  And he asked to add a small amount of oil to it without adding ready-made sauces.  And salads can be eaten as much as desired, albeit with the main meal, which is often higher in calories.

 It is necessary to follow some methods that can make the main course healthy.  If your favorite main dish is served with a creamy and high-calorie sauce, you can ask the waiter to put it on a small plate separately and eat only a few.

 Ask to grill fish, chicken or meat instead of frying it.  In addition, delaying the request for sweets until after the completion of the main meal is an important matter, as it is possible that at the end of the meal you cannot eat anything else, as you feel full.  In the event that the feeling of a desire to eat sweets is still present, then sharing the dessert plate with friends or family is necessary to reduce the amount of sugar consumed.

 Desserts made with fruits can be chosen as a healthier option than other desserts that are higher in sugar and sweeteners.  Choosing where to sit is also important, as sitting far from the appetizer table or buffet is preferred to reduce the desire to eat more of it.  Maintaining an exercise or physical activity, especially when eating out, will help maintain a healthy body and a healthy weight.

 fruits and vegetables

 One of the most important steps to change bad and harmful behavior into healthy and sound behavior is to define the behavior that you want to change, such as eating many unhealthy snacks during the day.  Focusing on changing one behavior will increase the chance of success in changing that behavior and it will make you feel positive to change other behavioral behaviors later.  Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is healthy and the foundation of a healthy diet.

 Eating at least five portions of fruits and vegetables a day is healthy.  There are some steps that will help in maintaining the daily intake of fruits and vegetables, such as: Adding fruits such as bananas or strawberries to breakfast cereals or yogurt.

 And the use of fresh fruits in the preparation of sweetened pies instead of using ready-made sweeteners high in sugar.  Also, eat a plate of salad with the main meal and start eating it before eating other dishes to make sure that you eat vegetables and maintain their eating.  Vegetables can also be added to the main dish as an addition to chicken, meat or fish while cooking.  In addition, adding some vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce or your favorite vegetables to your sandwiches is a healthy step to increase your intake of vegetables.

 You can also eat fresh vegetables and fruits that are easy to prepare, especially on days when you are in a hurry, such as baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, grapes and apples, or as snacks between the main meals.  It is imperative to choose something that you like that you can do to get used to it as a permanent healthy pattern or behavior.

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