Are potatoes healthy?



Are potatoes healthy?

 Potato is one of the most popular vegetables around the world and present on dining tables, thanks to its delicious taste and health benefits.

 Studies indicate that potatoes have an important nutritional value, their efficacy varies according to type and method of cooking, while experts warn against frying, as it increases the amount of calories and fats in them.

 One medium baked potato contains 161 calories, 0.22 grams of fat, 4.3 grams of protein and 36.6 of carbohydrates, according to the "Medicine Web" site.

 One piece of potato guarantees the consumer 28 percent of the daily ration of "vitamin C", 27 percent of the daily intake of potassium, and 12 percent of the daily ration of magnesium.


 Potato benefits

 Experts say that eating potatoes has many benefits for human health:

 1- Protecting bones: Potatoes contain many essential and beneficial nutrients for bone health, such as iron, phosphorous and calcium.

 2- Promote heart health: Potatoes contain an important amount of dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C and B6, all of which promote heart health and protect it from diseases.

 3- Reducing the risk of cancer: One of the most important benefits of potatoes is that they reduce the risk of cancer, by containing folate, which plays an important role in repairing the damaged genetic code in the body and preventing cancer cells from spreading.

 4- Control of blood pressure levels: Potassium helps expand blood vessels and keep them relaxed, which will positively affect blood pressure levels.

 Among the other benefits of potatoes, which were mentioned by the "Medicine Web" site, they reduce the risk of infections, protect against constipation, and enhance digestion in the body.

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