Healthy burgers recipe good



Healthy burgers recipe good

This Keto Burger is too healthy

. Especially for kids, who love to eat junk food and avoid eating veggies. In fact, sometimes we also cannot stop our cravings for junk food. I prefer healthy food and love to cook healthy recipes. Here is a delicious recipe for a healthy burger.

Carrot Patty Recipe:

I have baked this carrot patty in a microwave by using crushed carrots, oats flour and cabbage, ginger garlic paste, added 1tsp honey, black pepper, oregano, salt, red paprika, bread crumbs (wheat), and 1 tsp cornflour.

This patty is enriched with Protein and completely healthy cooked with no oil.

Also replaced Potato Fried Chips with Carrot Chips.

Carrot Chips:

Baked in the microwave or roasted in a pan with garlic powder and garnished with salt & pepper. These chips taste great with white sauce.

(Also prepared white sauce at home with Wheat flour (no Maida), milk, honey, butter, crushed garlic, oregano)


Just replace the carrot with Chicken. Same process.

Hope you like these healthy recipes!!

Do try this for the weekend binge !! 

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