7 secrets to make you eat without getting fat



7 secrets to make you eat without getting fat

 Is your friend eating more than you, but not gaining weight?  Aren't you envious of that?  Here we present to you seven habits that will make you eat without gaining weight.

 Usually, people who want to lose weight limit the amount of food they are used to eating throughout the day.  However, experts assure that we can follow some habits that help us to eat normally without worrying about extra weight.

 Diet is one of the most important ways for us to maintain our health and a suitable weight for us.  This is because getting used to an unhealthy diet leads to weight gain, which we cannot easily get rid of unless we spend long hours in the gym.

 Therefore, it is necessary to persevere in the practice of a set of healthy habits that prevent the accumulation of fat and weight gain, such as choosing the quality of the food we eat and controlling its quantity.

 We offer you seven habits that will make you eat with a clear conscience:

 1- Eat breakfast

 The morning breakfast is among the most important meals that we cannot do without.  Experts recommend eating breakfast an hour after waking up, because this facilitates your metabolism - the rate at which you burn calories - faster during the day.  In addition, breakfast gives us a lot of energy that makes us more focused and alert during daylight hours, according to author Alba Yano in the report of the Spanish magazine "Mujer Ou".

 2- Not to eat for three hours in the afternoon.

 3- Make dinner three hours before bed.

 In fact, these two habits help the body take its time to digest food and burn fat.

 4- Chew food well

 Nutritionists usually advise that you should chew food well and taste it, no matter how hungry you are while eating.  In this way, we feel full and avoid eating more than our needs.

 5- Avoid eating with the eyes before the mouth

 Eating with the eyes before the mouth is among the most common mistakes people make.  Often times, we bring a large plate that contains more food than we will actually eat.

 We can avoid making this mistake by serving food on a small plate, because it makes us feel that the plate contains too much food.  The color of the plate itself is also important to determine the amount of food that we will eat, as it turns out that a person eats less than usual if the color of the plate is red, black or blue.

 6- Doing sports

 Because it helps to burn calories, get rid of accumulated fats and burn what you eat.

 7- Correct timing

 Morning breakfast must be eaten from seven to eight in the morning, then we eat a piece of fruit in the middle of the morning between ten and eleven o'clock.  As for lunch, it is best to eat it between one and three in the afternoon.  We can have a light meal between three and four in the afternoon, waiting for dinner, which is usually between seven and nine at night.

 In conclusion, eating a healthy, balanced diet is essential for losing weight.  Also, this issue is not related to eating a small amount of food only, but also to making sure to choose the type of food we consume and when to eat it.

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